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  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the 'Login using Australian Access Federation (AAF) credentials' button and complete your AAF login. If successful you will be redirected back to the RDA Registry.
  3. Once logged in to the registry use the 'Identifiers' menu shown top right to access the 'Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)' option.

    Accessing the DOI Query Tool

    If you only have access to 1 DOI Application ID you will be navigated directly to the My DOIs page (continue to step 6). 

    If you have access to more than 1 DOI Application ID you will be presented with the DOI Query Tool.

  4. To view your DOIs, simply select the 'Manage'/'Manage Test' button against the DOI account you wish to view. You will be navigated to the My DOIs page.

    DOI Query Tool

  5. A listing of all the DOIs you have minted with the selected Application Identifier will be displayed on the My DOIs tab. DOIs are listed in descending date order with the most recent DOIs being shown first. The Status column indicates whether the DOI is active or inactive.

DOI Listing


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