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ARDC DOI Service

Welcome to the DOI Service help. Learn how to implement a DOI Service client, mint or update a DOI manually or via API, transfer DOI ownership and more.


If your organisation has migrated to DataCite's Fabrica system, please follow the link below to view the updated DOI documentation.


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The Global DOI System

Policy Statement

Minting DOIs

DOI Resolution

Client Registration

User Registration

Updating your Account

Service Authentication

Service Points

M2M Service Responses



Accessing My DOIs

Viewing and Updating DOIs

Manually Minting

Activity Log

Application ID Configuration

Check DOI Links

DOI Bulk Updates

Transferring a DOI

Deleting DOIs

Broken Links Checking


DataCite Metadata Schema

Java Minting Example

DataCite Schema v4.0 XML Example

Additional Guides

Service Availability

Change History